Metamask Tutorial

I. Install MetaMask plugin wallet

II. Add chain to MetaMask plugin

2.1 Add BSC chain to MetaMask plugin

  • Click “Extensions”; open the “MetaMask plug-in” extension;

  • Select “Custom PRC” to add a custom network

Network name: BSC-mainnet

Added RPC URL:

Chain ID: 56

Symbol (optional): BNB

Screening manager URL (optional):

  • Select BSC Mainnet

III. Withdraw some chain assets to the wallet

3.1 Withdraw BSC chain assets to the wallet

  • Add Token

Users need to add token information in the MetaMask wallet to display the corresponding assets.

You need to select “BSC Mainnet” in the MetaMask wallet to manually add token information. The process is to select “BSC Mainnet” → “Add Token” → “Custom Token” → “Copy Token Contract Address” → “Next”

  • Deposit Assets

Users can freely choose the corresponding assets and withdraw BSC chain-related tokens from Binance to the wallets.

Copy and paste the wallet address into the withdrawal address on Binance.

Note: 1. It is necessary to prepare a small amount of BNB in the wallet in advance, which will be used as the gas fee for the transaction. 2. You must choose the Heco chain when withdrawing from Huobi