Channels.finance is the first fully decentralized lending platform on Heco, focusing on user asset security, and the first release supports LP mortgage lending + LP aggregator.

Deposit in Channels to get deposit interest and deposit mining rewards, borrow token to obtain borrowed mining rewards, participate in DAO governance to obtain pledge income and weekly high dividends, and participate in liquidity mining and pledge mining to obtain CAN income.

Channels has strong security, high yield, good liquidity, beautiful UI, and friendly product interaction. It is the largest LP mortgage lending platform. Channels has never had a security incident. The deposit income of mainstream tokenhas long been the top of the lending platform. A reasonable interest rate model guarantees ample liquidity. The user-friendly UI and interaction make Channels the most easy-to-use lending platform.

The platform's token CAN has also been listed on Huobi Exchange on 21st April. As the leading platform on Heco.


CAN is the governance token of Protocol rather than a token with pure investment value.