How to participate in DAO

Web version:


1. Install the MetaMask wallet plug-in in the browser and configure the Heco network

2. There are CAN used for DAO pledge and HT used as transaction gas fee in the wallet

Pre-tutorial (including the content of withdrawal transfer and wallet configuration)

How to buy CAN


1. Participate in pledge

1.1 Open the Channels official website on the webpage, and click [DAO] at the top of the page to enter the DAO pledge and governance interface

1.2. The DAO interface is divided into two sections, "Channels DAO" and "Channels Proposal" section, click [Wallet Authorization] in the "Channels DAO" section, select [Confirm] after the metamask transaction request pops up, and the authorization is successful to participate in the DAO pledge .

1.3. Click [Deposit] and enter the amount you want to pledge, and [Confirm] the transaction in the wallet will complete the pledge

2 Withdrawal reward

DAO pledge income consists of two parts, one part is the income obtained from pledge mining, the other part is the weekly fee dividend, the income is settled by CAN, and the receiving location is different

2.1. Mining reward

The income from pledge mining will automatically accumulate with the block, click on [Receive] in the income column to submit

2.2. Dividend income

Withdraw dividend income and click the [Receive] button in the dividend column to submit

The current dividend ratio is 25% of the reserved fund pool (agreement income) of each agreement. All users who pledge CAN in the DAO pool receive dividends according to the pledge ratio. The total pledge amount can be viewed in the position as shown in the figure:

The dividend income of each period will be adjusted according to the total pledge amount and agreement income of each period. The specific dividend value can be viewed by moving the mouse to the following position.

Dividends are open for collection every week at 9 pm on Saturday, and the limited time for collection is 72 hours, that is, from 9 pm on Saturday to 9 pm on Tuesday of the next week. Overtime cannot be paid. Check the countdown to the deadline for collection

Note: Dividends not received over time will automatically enter the next dividend pool, and will be shared by all users participating in the DAO pledge when the next dividend is opened.

3.Cancel the pledge

To reduce the risk of speculation, a three-day lock-up period was set up to cancel the pledge. To withdraw CAN, you need to [apply for withdrawal], and confirm the withdrawal loss twice, the wallet [confirm] the withdrawal application is successful after the transaction

After the withdrawal application is successful, the page will display [Withdrawal Time], and the assets applied for withdrawal after 72 hours of lock-up must be manually [withdrawn] into the wallet (there is no CAN coin mining income during the withdrawal lock-up period, and no dividends will be paid).

During the withdrawal lock-up period, click [Cancel Application] and [Confirm] the wallet transaction, the assets will return to the DAO pledge pool, and continue to receive mining and dividend income (no profit during the withdrawal lock-up period).

4. Participate in voting

Users can participate in DAO governance voting in the "Channels Proposal" section of the DAO interface.

Click on the proposal to enter the proposal details page. 1CAN corresponds to 1 vote. The voting channel is open for a limited time. After the vote is closed, only the results can be viewed. The project party will execute the proposal according to the option with the most votes.

Mobile Version Tutorials

Mobile phone operations are similar to computer operations. Please note that using Channels on your phone requires the help of a wallet APP. For detailed tutorials, please check the link:

Preliminary preparation:

1. Install the MetaMask wallet plug-in in the browser and configure the Heco network

2. There are CAN used for DAO pledge and HT used as transaction gas fee in the wallet

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