Q: What are the rules for the distribution of dividends?


  • Dividend funds: 25% of the reserved funds pool (agreement revenue) of each phase of the agreement + users in the previous phase did not receive dividends;

  • Dividend conditions: Stake CAN in the DAO pool before 9pm every Saturday;

  • Dividend period: once every 7 days;

  • Dividend time: issued every Saturday at 9 pm;

  • Receipt time: 72 hours to receive it in a limited time, that is, the opening time for dividends of each installment is from 9 pm on Saturday to 9 pm on the next Tuesday. If you fail to claim it overdue, you will be deemed to have given up

  • Dividend ratio: According to the ratio of CAN pledged by users to the total CAN in the DAO pool.

Q: What are the precautions for the distribution and receipt of dividends?

A: It should be noted that the opening time for dividend collection is 9pm every Saturday night, and the limited dividend collection time is 72 hours, that is, from 9pm on Saturday to 9pm on Tuesday of the next week. Overdue dividends cannot be reclaimed and unclaimed dividends It will automatically enter the next dividend pool, which will be shared by all users participating in the DAO pledge when the next dividend is opened.

Q: Does DAO pledge to withdraw the current lock-up period?

A: There is a three-day lock-up period. To submit CAN coins, you need to apply for withdrawal first. After the application is successful, the page will show the available withdrawal time, and you can withdraw after 72 hours.

Q: Can the three-day limit on dao withdrawal be cancelled?

A: The lock-up period cannot be cancelled in the short term. The essence of the three-day lock-up period is to reduce the risk of speculation and avoid some users staking CAN before dividends, and then withdraw the dividends immediately after the dividends are drawn, and speculate to obtain dividends.

Q: What are the rules for voting on proposals?

A: After the Channels proposal is online, you can vote on the corresponding proposal interface. 1CAN corresponds to 1 vote. After the voting channel is closed, the proposal will be executed according to the option with the most votes.

Q: Is it okay not to vote to put CAN in the DAO pool?

A: Yes, voting is to participate in the DAO pledge of the rights and interests of users. Not participating in the voting will not affect the income obtained by pledge in the DAO pool and participation in dividends.

Q: Why is the income of each DAO pool different?

A: The user's dividend income for each period is related to the current agreement reserved fund pool (agreement income) and the pledge amount of the CAN in the current DAO pool. The higher the agreement income, the lower the total pledge amount, and the higher the income of pledged CAN. Currently, the dividend ratio is 25% of the agreed income.

Q: Does the exchange buy CAN participate in DAO dividends?

A: You can only participate in dividends if you pledge CAN to DAO. Only holding CAN can not get the dividend income of DAO pool pledge.

Q: Failed to withdraw CAN profit all the time?

A: The profit withdrawal failure is generally due to insufficient HT as the transaction fee (fuel) in the wallet, or the transaction fee is set too low. In the first case, you need to transfer enough HT to the wallet address, and in the second case, you need to increase the gas price and gas limit.