Cross-Chain-Transfer Your Assets between Ethereum and Polygon-Desktop

You need the following preparations:

  1. Install and set up the plug-in wallet MetaMask in the browser, detailed tutorial can be viewed at:

  2. Transfer supported assets to be cross-chain and enough ETH/Matic to your wallet address as fee

How to cross-chain

Note: To cross-chain from Ethereum to Polygon, your wallet network needs to be switched to Ethereum To cross-chain from Polygon to Ethereum, your wallet network needs to be switched to Polygon

Switch your wallet network to the Ethereum mainnet

1. Enter the URL in the browser:

2. Select MetaMask then connect and click [Sign] in the pop-up window

3. After signing, it will jump to the cross-chain interface, select the token you want to be cross-chain, enter the number and click [Transfer]

4. Click【Continue】

5. Confirm the gas cost for this cross-chain, then click [Continue]

6. Confirm the token amount and networks for this cross-chain, then click [Continue]

7. Click [Confirm] in the MateMask authorization pop-up window

8. Wait patiently, when you see this prompt, it means that the cross-chain has been completed

Note: It takes about ten minutes to cross-chain from Ethernet to Polygon, and it takes about three hours to cross-chain from Polygon to Ethernet.

How to check your tokens

1. If your wallet does not display assets after the cross-chain is successful, you can click MetaMask as shown below to view on explorer

2. View records

3. Enter the corresponding contract address in the MateMask to add token

4. After adding, the corresponding tokens will be displayed in Metamask

How to add Polygon tokens

1. Click [Add Token]

2. Copy and paste the contract corresponding to the token, and then click Next to add tokens